The Power of CCTV

By on December 18th, 2018

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CCTV is advancing fast and achieving some extraordinary results. You can now even call in the Calvary. It is now possible to have your property protected, by having  monitored by HD CCTV  which are connected to a monitoring station. When an alarm or movement is triggered your CCTV camera feed appears on screen at the monitoring station and they assess the activity. They can talk through the PA system and sound sirens to deter the intruders and contact the Police if required.
The Police do respond CCTV visual verifications break ins. We have had cases where police cars, helicopters and dog units have been deployed. To have this kind of security set up, you require the right equipment, installation and support. The CCTV system has to have PIR movement detectors fitted and a PA system  to transmit and receive audio. Everyone’s situation is different. To set up the latest HD 4 to 8 CCTV system, you should expect to invest in all around £5k + VAT. Monitoring and maintenance is charged monthly which around £100 + VAT, depending on your exact needs.
If you need this type of security, please let me know and I can  work out some options for your situation? I look forward to hearing from you. Regards Eoin Clarke Managing Director CCTV Camera London Ltd 0870 770 5077 07977177775

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