We are back doing CCTV installations in London

I hope you are well and safe?

Like everyone, we have had a tough time over the last few months.

The good news is, we have survived and are back doing CCTV installations. Thankfully, none of our team have knowingly had COVID 19.

We all follow Covid 19 prevention guidelines such as wearing PPE masks and gloves. We disinfect our vans, tools and practice social distancing with everyone.

CCTV is playing an important role is the fight against the Corona virus. CCTV has functionality like face detection can be used to track and trace individuals and alert once identified. Thermal cameras can accurately scan human temperatures at check points and alert if someone has a temperature over 37 degrees. These thermal cameras are expensive at approximately £4,500 + VAT each.

Who knows what is around the corner, hopefully the UK can avoid a second wave of the virus. If you were thinking of improving your CCTV security, do it now, while you can.

Our team still comprises of Sher, Ali, Glenn, Marco and Thanh. Who are ready to help you.

Please contact me by email or WhatsApp on 07977177775, if you need any assistance?

Please stay safe.

Regards and thanks.

Eoin Clarke
Managing Director
CCTV Camera London Ltd
0800 240 4960
[email protected]

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