What are CCTV Cameras?

By on December 17th, 2018

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CCTV Camera stands for Close Circuit Television Camera which is used in surveillance of office and residential sites. These CCTV cameras transmit a signal which can be viewed on a set of monitors at a central location. In today’s world of great economic disparity, looting and burglaries have increased. For example, banks, casinos, clubs, restaurants, shops, indeed any business which has a daily dependency on cash transactions are all subject to robbery internally as well as from external thugs. Yes, you heard it right, you might trust all your staff but in this day and age, even your staff stoop to levels low, because who does not like a little extra change where poor security systems invite temptation? Good CCTV camera systems are those that cover all the points of entry to the site, internal entries to specific departments, and cash tills. They also so have advanced lenses which give a clear picture, rather than a blurred image. Your CCTV camera system should also have a good digital video recording system, which can record 24 hours of your CCTV camera video footage on a continual basis. After all, if you have an unforeseen incidence at your site, you would either need to claim insurance or prove it in court of law, and in both instances you would need clear video recording. Our modern day CCTV cameras can be monitored remotely. The live footage can be monitored from wherever you are in the world over the internet, from your mobile phone or laptop. Get a Digital Surveillance solution, Remote Monitoring or CCTV Security System today to secure your business and home. If you would like to know more about a CCTV Camera System for your business or maybe would like to have a free site visit, then please feel free to contact us directly on – 020 7627 4402 or request a free call back by submitting your details via our website homepage https://www.cctv-installers-london.com We will be pleased to assist you.

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