Wishing to install a CCTV security system for your Business with multi sites? Three things you must keep in mind.

By on December 17th, 2018

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Protecting any one site of a business: whether it is an individual property, restaurant, or builders yard, is a big head ache. The issues are multiple points of entry, points where cash is handled, protection of valuable goods and equipment, and the wellbeing of staff where they are working on dangerous machinery or handling heavy loads. The threats are security of staff, safety of cash and equipment, and the constant maintenance of safety procedures. Now multiply all of this with the number of sites, and you know that your concerns have multiplied many fold and are a constant head ache. Thanks to CCTV, businesses with multi sites can have this headache taken care of. There are three features that apply to CCTV protecting businesses with multiple sites: The first is quality: The CCTV system on individual sites must be well designed, and carefully installed using good quality cameras, cabling, and recorders. Poor quality systems are not reliable. When you are monitoring your system from a distance, it must be absolutely reliable, or the reasons that caused you to buy the system will be undermined locally. The second is the remoteness times the number of sites. Just think of the amount of footage that is being recorded. How is a single incident going to be identified, and retrieved?. We have advanced CCTV technology for monitoring all your business sites remotely. You can rely on extra features in top of the range recorders to access data quickly after the event, or you can have security personnel monitoring your cameras 24/7, or we could use clever technology such as laser, infra reds and motion sensors to detect if there is any intruder in your property. Then alarm bells will be set off and police to automatically be informed. The cameras can take very advanced video recording of the break in and the criminals involved. The third is the seamless integration of all camera feeds into your monitoring station, uninterrupted recording of video footage, and backup facility for any failure in one data storage or power line. Because the last thing you want is that your energy goes down or your internet fails and you have a black out. Even 5 minutes of black out is enough for a site to be seriously robbed. So always ask your CCTV installers to install the most advanced power and data backup for the CCTV system. We at CCTV Camera London are certified by the National Security Inspectorate, which allows us to recommend you which CCTV solution would be the best for your multi site business. Not only can we recommend a good system we will also install and service it for you. As they say prevention is better than cure, and CCTV cameras will help you do just that. You can contact us directly on – 020 7627 4402 or request a free call back via our website  https://www.cctv-installers-london.com

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